The Minimalist Cleaning Guide

Do you have a closet full of cleaning supplies? They can take up so much space in our homes, be expensive, and toxic too! On top of that, cleaning product companies have made it overly complicated for us to clean. Think about it, there is a different product out there for nearly every item we clean! There’s a product to clean windows, one to clean the floors, one to clean the bathroom sink, etc. This of course benefits the companies, but it certainly does not make our lives more simple or less consumeristic.

I love my house to not only be decluttered but to also be clean. With three children that can be quite the challenge! I only have small windows of time here and there where I can run around and get things done. Because of this, I have simplified not only WHAT I use to clean, but also HOW I clean. It has become really quite simple!

First, let’s start with a list of what I use to clean my home.

What I Use:

-Microfiber Cloth

-Microfiber Mop



-Baking Soda


That’s it. That’s all I use to clean my house! Now let me tell you about the process.

How I Clean My House:

Microfiber is simply amazing. A scientist could tell you all about exactly how it works, but my simple explanation is that the fibers are woven in a way that doesn’t simply smudge dirt and bacteria around but actually picks it up into the rag. There’s more to it I’m sure. If you are interested, look it up on the internet. I personally have the Norwex Enviro Cloth and though I do highly recommend it, you can also pick up less expensive ones at Target, Walmart, you name it. I have used both off brand and Norwex and I do believe Norwex to be superior. However, other brands work too.

Also a note on microfiber cloths, I only use the one (though I would recommend having two of them) basic microfiber cloth. They have different cloths for glass, dusting, etc, but I feel like the one basic cloth does all of the above just fine. No need for multiple cloths!

I take my cloth and I wet it and ring it out. I fold it in half, and then half again. This gives me eight clean surfaces of the cloth to work with. With this one cloth, I clean my entire house, minus the floors, in about an hour!

Start with the cleanest areas of the house and work towards the dirtiest areas. I always start with my windows and mirrors, move on to dusting, wiping off surfaces, counters, walls, chairs (whatever else has sticky baby finger prints on it!), I spot clean the furniture, and then finally head up to the bathrooms where I clean the sinks, the tub and shower, and then finally the toilets. For the toilet bowl itself, I pour in some baking soda and clean with a toilet bowl scrubber. As my cloth fibers fill with dirt, I switch out the side I’d been working with to a clean side. And voila! I just cleaned all the windows, mirrors, dusted, spot cleaned, and cleaned the bathrooms with one cloth, some water, and a small chunk of time!

For the floors I use my broom and vacuum and then use my microfiber mop (that I got from Target) on the wood floors. Again, I simply wet the microfiber cloth that comes with the mop, fit it on, and do the entire floor, sometimes flipping the cloth inside out once during the process. And there you go, the floors are clean too!

What about Smell?

We are conditioned to think that the smell of “clean” should smell like chemicals. Really, the smell of clean is no smell at all! If you are one of those people who is attached to clean coming with a fresh scent (I am, I love my house to not simply not smell bad but to actually smell good) then you can use essential oils when you clean! They are completely unnecessary but fun. A pure but inexpensive brand like NOW is what I use. My favorites are Lime and Lemon, they smell so fresh! To use, just put a few drops on your microfiber and clean as usual.

Don’t let cleaning your home be more complicated than it needs to be! Enjoy the cleaned out space in your closet when you get rid of all the unnecessary supplies and more time in your day with less hours devoted to cleaning!  Also, your budget will be happy when you no longer have to refill on cleaning supplies.


  1. I’m going to try this. I’m also thinking of making my own dish soaps, etc. Do you have any experience with that? Looking forward to reading more of your blogs! -Darren


  2. I like what your saying about not buying a different product for every cleaning task; the only drawback is that baking soda does not sanitize. I use a 1:10 bleach/water solution in a cheap spray bottle I bought at the $1 store and spray the counters, table, toilet, etc. down after I am done cleaning them. Also, if you want smudge-free windows/mirrors, use a crumpled sheet of newspaper to “squeegee” immediately after washing.

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    • Danielle, the cool thing about microfiber is that it does disinfect and sanitize! Microfiber traps and holds in 98%-99% of all dirt, dust, bacteria and germs!

      Read more at:


  3. Joshua Becker just sent me to you blog and I’m reading everything on it. Rubbing alcohol is better than bleach if you feel a need to sanitize beyond what a microfiber cloth does. If you feel a need for a fabric softener try vinegar; it removes any soap residue which is what leaves clothes feeling stiff.


  4. I do feel stupid asking this, but how exactly do you use the baking soda? Do you just mix it with an amount of water and then put the cloth in it?


  5. I LOVE your blog! Wow! How do you clean and store your microfibre clothes after use? Do you launder them every time? Thank you so much.


  6. It’s scary to think how many different kinds of cleaning products I used to have in the past when you can get results with so much less. I’ve noticed vinegar is really good for removing soapscum buildup on shower doors and of course for cleaning windows. I use it as it is and air the place properly afterwards as I don’t necessarily want to have my home mistaken for a chip shop! 😀

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