Why I Became a Minimalist

It all started years ago when I was a new mother and I just couldn’t seem to stay on top of, well, …anything. The laundry was piling up and we never had anything to wear. The house seemed to always be a mess, which made me feel depressed being home all day. I always felt sloppy and dumpy in what I wore. IF I took the time to shower, do my hair, makeup, etc, it took so long that I’d have a screaming baby every.single.time by the end of my involved routine. Dinner time would roll around and I’d have NO idea what I was going to make. My life was a mess. And I was stressed out of my mind.

That’s when I began to think about simplifying my life. I wanted things to be simple, but not plain. I wanted to be able to quickly get dressed and ready for the day. But I also wanted to look polished. So dumping the makeup and letting my hair hang in a boring straight line and wearing sweats wasn’t my solution. So how, I pondered, can I have both? The key came through simplicity.

I began a journey that I’m still on years later to simplify each and every area of my life from my wardrobe, to what I eat, to de-cluttering every square inch of my home, to the way I decorate my home, to my beauty routine, to my children’s toys, etc, etc. And it’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

The more stuff we have, the more there is to clean, take care of, worry about. And thus the more stress we have and the less time we have. A cluttered home has been proven to cause mild depression. A simpler life brings about a great peace. We weed out the things that don’t really matter and keep the things that do. When we don’t have to spend all our time keeping up with our complicated routines or house full of stuff, we have more time to play with our kids and learn, or do things that inspire us and make us feel alive.

So if you feel like I felt a few years ago and wonder if you’ll ever be able to get on top of things, this blog is for you. What took me years, I hope will take you way less time as I lay out my discoveries for you in comprehensive steps.

Cheers to a less stressful, more peaceful life!



  1. I’ve read all of the posts in your blog and I love them! Your blog’s theme is so crisp and put together! They’re so thoughtfully written and contain plenty of applicable advice! I hope you keep posting regularly! Sorry for so many exclamation marks !!!!!! If you’d like, take a look at my blog (although I wouldn’t say it’s nearly as put together as yours): wantingminimalism.wordpress.com


  2. This post has resonated deeply with me. I feel I could have written your words exactly. Your description of how you felt is how I feel now. I’m overwhelmed and mildly depressed with my situation. Thank you for your honesty and writing this post. I look forward to reading more of your blog to become inspired as I start on my journey to minimalism and simplicity!


  3. Looking forward to more posts. We’ve been in simplifying mode for the past 2 years and are still a work in progress. Clothes/toys/house is in order… now we must cut down on the activities!


  4. Thank you for your posts! It’s wonderful to know others have this feeling and to get some great ‘how to’ advice. I felt exactly this way with my first child a couple of years ago and began to look towards minimalism. I have a fair way to go but am feeling the need to renew my efforts to simplify now that I am at home with toddler and baby number two. Your guide to a simpler wardrobe may be my next project!


  5. I have followed Joshua Becker’s link to your blog & I love it. can’t see how to subscribe though. perhaps I need to declutter my brain, bless.


    • i am also here through Joshua becker’s link.
      thank you so much for your inspiration. although I don’t have the kids to overwhelm me, I do have plenty of stuff and a full live. I am just starting on this journey to minimalism and am so thankful for all your words.


  6. I’m another one that found you through Joshua Becker’s link. I LOVE your blog!! Thank you! It’s spot on. I’ve been minimizing for ~1yr, had a baby during that time and a VERY busy summer so far. But progress is being made and I love the encouragement, ideas and motivation I receive from blogs; yours is my new favorite 🙂


  7. And yet another person who has found you through Joshua Becker’s site, even all the way from ‘lil’ ‘ol England!
    De-cluttering or reducing what you have has become something of an obsession of mine recently – my wife thinks I am mad – but I love reading about it and can’t get enough.

    So pleased to have found you and I really hope I can find inspiration from you (because I need it right now as my initial passion has started to droop)


  8. I just found your blog (Joshua Becker recommend you) and I am so glad he did!! Your site is lovely & you have quality content! Thank you so much (so far I adore EVERYTHING!) All the best 🙂


  9. I have had the voice of minimalism screaming inside me all my life. Just did not know where to start. Your beautiful, simple blog has enabled me to make a joyful start. Thank you …from the UK.


  10. Just came across your blog this evening and I really enjoyed it. It is similar to my own. I’ll be reading through your blog posts as I can, and hope that you’ll visit mine as well if you have a chance. 😃


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